"The Losers’ Club"

A One-Act Play
Written By:

Jonathan Turner Smith


Play #:     2348
Pages:     36 pages
Cast:        8 m, 6 w

A group of outcast high school students in a small Texas town have formed “The Losers’ Club.” On homecoming evening, these 12 students kidnap the star football player, Joe Taylor, and homecoming queen nominee, Tawny Harris, who have ignored, bullied, and ridiculed members of the club for years. Lead by Trenton, a 17-year-old Goth, the club members put the condescending Joe and Tawny on trial for “crimes committed against their fellow students.” Each member of the “jury” details how he or she has been harassed by Joe, Tawny, and their friends, and how their lives have been affected by the abuse. What is revealed in the testimonies and the result of the trial is a surprise to all. An excellent play to serve as a catalyst for realistic discussions about bullying in schools across America.


"Whose High School is it Anyway"

A Play in Two-Acts
Written By:

Jonathan Turner Smith


A Full-length Play:       Scenes & Monologues for Teens
Flexible Cast:                8-19
Minimum Cast:            4F/4M
Approximate Playing Time:     90 Min.

From the Publisher...

If you are looking for a great play for teens with the flexibility of adapting the cast size and material content to fit your specific needs, then this is among the best! Whose High School is it Anyway? explores themes from jealousy and insecurity to bullying and sex through a collection of humorous, satirical and serious scenes and monologues which may be cut and adapted to fit your school and your cast. Jonathan Turner Smith uses his extensive experience working with youth to craft relatable characters and situations that will challenge student actors and provide insights into the trials and tribulations of teens in a typical modern high school.